"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

- United States Declaration of Independence

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Introducing the Civil Rights Poll!!

I’ve added an interactive poll on the right-hand side. The answer topics are based on the answers received from an earlier poll, conducted for the Facebook group with the same name as this blog. Please contribute; the survey is confidential. If there are any topics missing, please let me know!

Thank You!!!


  1. Thank you for adding this important poll.

    As someone who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital myself it feels good to be able to give my own personal view on what I thought were issues that needed MAJOR improvement. It was difficult not to check every single one - but I did check a lot of the items - the ones that REALLY bothered/concerned me the MOST.

    The scary thing is that it seems most psychiatric hospitals are mostly the same! I can't understand why patient input isn't important to them?

    Thank you again what you're doing by raising awareness and fighting for those who find it hard to have their voice heard.


  2. Thanks Christine...I'm glad you like the poll...I made sure to base it on feedback I have received in the past.

    It's a big (actually, huge) job to hold such powerful entities accountable. But we can ONLY do so by speaking our minds, sharing our experiences, and making them public knowledge. I have faith that we can do something, and this blog will hopefully help facilitate that!

    Best to you,

    Jon Dosick